Subject : Letter from Fr. Principal

Dear parents,

We have won it. We have done it! This is the feeling with which I am writing this letter to you dear parents. We have just won the ICSE and ISC football matches held at SPS, a clean sweep. We all had to wait till the end to taste the victory. Many of our boys shed tears of joy and I know why they performed their best to win it. They are capable of greater things. They have realized it. I am extremely happy for them, our great future.

I have just completed two months at the Twin Towers. As a Principal, I am getting used to the responsibilities. There is a sense of joy in watching the young boys grow up to be young men. There is also a sense of satisfaction listening to them, understanding them and mentoring them as we live our lives together and grow together. As it is said, we don't get into the same river water twice. Everyone changes and every North Pointer has his own strengths and weaknesses which in a way makes me humble to learn. We wish them well. I thank you dear Parents for all that you are to NP.

All of us at NP, are trying our best to help your sons in every way possible. Many of our boys who need help in academics are being given tuitions from August and this will continue throughout this month as well. Many are happy about the help they are getting. The unit tests are spaced out and the same have been announced well ahead of time. The final exams will be held one subject a day NOT two. This is to help our students to do better and also to reduce their pressure. Therefore, dear parents, when you all speak to your sons, please do enquire about their performance in their studies. The answer scripts are given to the boys along with the marks. Within a week or two all parents will get SMSs regarding their son's performance and other information. We will have a parent-teacher meeting soon and, if need be, individual parents will be called to be informed about their wards. Considering the future of the children we will not encourage the automatic promotion to the next class. When we do that many of our children struggle in the next class. The parents will be informed periodically about their continuous assessment tests and their results. Please do encourage your sons to do well as we encourage them every day to do better. Our boys have to do well in their exams to move to the next class. All measures have been taken to improve their academics. From the year 2020 students who do not secure 50% and above will not be encouraged to represent our school in sports and extracurricular activities.

Students of class 9 need your permission and I am sure they have your permission to participate in the HMI programme. I will allow them only if all preparations go well. Forty boys have given their names for the HMI programme. The Principal of HMI, has issued the certificates for the 2016 batch of participants recently. The international tour this winter has been postponed to next year since not many showed much interest for it for this year. The tour will take place in June or October 2020. Please be informed that the international tours and the educational tours are NOT compulsory. Your sons need your permission to join any such tour.

I am happy that many of you parents like to meet your sons and like to know how they progress. We do appreciate it. We encourage such visits by parents if your sons are in PD and LD, and you take them out during the month end outing. However, sometimes the visits are becoming very frequent and visits to even the bigger boys. I would urge you dear parents to please limit your visits to the month and for serious reasons only. There is always an exception when they fall ill of which we do inform you. Sometimes the boys do not inform the sub-prefects and the infirmarians till the illness becomes serious. I have informed the boys about the system and they need to go through the procedure. I assure you dear parents that your children are well taken care of. We will always inform you if need be. Please do inform Fr. Prefect or the sub-prefects if your child is ill when you reach them at NP. It will help us to take care of them better.

Birthday celebrations are taken care of by the prefects with prior permission. I see a trend now, which was not there before, that parents come to celebrate their son's birthday. I urge you to avoid such visits unless the boys are in PD. Ms. Gulapi takes care of the PD celebrations very well. This is with the view that they get used to the boarding life here. Frequent visits make them homesick. Kindly take note of the holiday dates when the boys need to leave and the dates when they need to arrive at the school/boarding. Dear parents you need to follow the school/boarding rules and need to abide by them. The calendar is already on our School website and the dates are clearly mentioned and there is no exception to it. Please avoid any unpleasant occasion on account of this rule. Prior to booking an appointment with a doctor, please check the school website for dates of leaving and arrival. You need to adjust according to the rules and routine of the school and book the tickets accordingly and not seek permission after booking the tickets. Help us serve your and the children better. School shall not entertain early departures and /or late arrivals except for very serious reasons and after obtaining necessary permission from the Principal.

After considering various options and listening to various parents we have decided that from October 2019, when the boys return to school after Puja holidays, they will be allowed to have only a simple phone NOT a smart phone. This is to help boys to focus more on studies and other school activities. Smartphones will be allowed ONLY for classes XI and XII students. The IT lab of the school is good enough and has necessary facilities for the academic works. The senior boys need special permission from Fr. Principal to use their laptops in order to fulfill their academic requirements.

When you come to meet your ward please make sure you meet either Fr. Principal or Fr. Prefect and take necessary permission. Then meet the respective sub-prefect both before taking your ward and after leaving him back at school. You could use such meetings to hear about your son and his progress. You may not take your son without meeting them, even if you have collected the gate pass already. Discipline and punctuality are the hallmarks of the Jesuit education. Please do cooperate with us in imparting such values to your sons which will help them in their future life.

All those parents whose sons are in classes 9 and 11 and who are worried about their sons exams and promotion please do wait for my announcement. Since the Council has not informed us anything yet about the dates of starting and ending exams I cannot tell you anything about it. I will inform as soon as I hear from the Council.

I am sure, as many of the parents have voiced their opinion that the correspondence is much better now and I would like to thank for your kind appreciation and you may have my personal email ID so that you can always mail me directly : And my official mobile number is the same +91 740 740 1112. I also request the parents not to post in ANY form of social media anything related to the School. If you have any questions to ask about the school/boarding please do call me or mail me. You will have better and authentic information on the matter.

Dear parents, thank you for all your support and I count on your continuous support. Please continue to help us help your sons in their growth and development and reach greater heights. Sursum Corda!


Fr. Leo Alphonse Raj (SJ)