Vision 2000+

The need for North Point to formulate a master plan, which would serve as a set of directive guidelines for physical intervention and expansion to address the school future needs, was a result of a strong consensus among the Jesuits, staff and alumni on the subject criticality. A number of meetings of the North Point School Alumni Association (NPSAA) exhaustively discussed the project numerous facets and compulsions. It was strong on the minds of everyone, North Point Vision 2000+ was the topic of the North Point Silver Medal English Essay competition and the subject of numerous brainstorming sessions among the school teaching and professional staff. What follows is what has been accomplished and what is still to be done in the future.

When the school celebrated its 100th year, or rather the centenary of its foundation, it was strongly felt that the school had to consolidate and expand. There was lots of maintenance to do and to add new facilities as the numbers were increasing. The school was growing. So a comprehensive plan was drawn up by Mr.Shashish Prasad (Alumnus).

It was in 2003 that Fr.Kinley Tshering took over as Principal of the school. The vision had been nurtured and planned by Fr.Van over the years. So the plans were executed with Fr.Van as Rector and Fr.Kinley as the Principal. Immediately, the Our Lady of North Point building was started in February 2003 and was completed in record time and commissioned in February 2005. Along with this main building, the Leo Forestell Primary building was also completed. It was started in 2002 and completed in 2003 October. Even as the OLNP was being constructed, the LD Pavilion was started in 2003 April and completed in July 2004. The need to harvest the water became acute as the number of students and buildings increased. Six massive tanks were commissioned and completed in 2006 with the capacity to store 8 lakh litres of water.

The OLNP now houses the kitchen and work shop on the ground floor. On the first floor is the dining hall which can seat 500 students at a time. The PD having their own dinning hall. The upper two floors are classrooms, twenty in number. Finally the attic which is an audio-visual centre with a capacity of 500 students. The Forestall Primary houses 9 sections of the primary classes, along with their own library, computer room, art and music room, staff room and toilets. The entire primary is now housed under one roof. The building is on the far east side, adjacent to OLNP.

Along with the new constructions, a lot of maintenance was done to the old building. The boarding section was completely renovated, doing away with the old toilets and refurnishing all the four divisions, including the infirmary.

Now, we are looking forward to the new Auditorium, which will have a capacity of 1500 seats. A housing colony for the teachers. A new PD and UD Pavilion. The drawing of new Auditorium is ready, and we hope to start it in October 2006. We would like to thank all who have contributed towards these endeavours, and we request all our well wishers to please support us with the rest of our dreams.


TUESDAY : Winter Camp Begins
26 FRIDAY : Republic Day

THURSDAY : School Office Reopens
10 SATURDAY : All Boarding Staff Arrive
12 MONDAY : All Boarders of Classes 5-12 Arrive Staff Orientation
13 TUESDAY : All Boarders of Classes 3-4 Arrive Staff Orientation
14 WEDNESDAY : Classes Begin PD,LD,UD, SD
15 THURSDAY : Cricket Season Begins
17 SATURDAY : Academic Awards Day Captain Vs Secretary Cricket Match
23 FRIDAY : Last Day of Payment of Fees
24 SATURDAY : PD Parents Teachers Meeting, Staff Vs Students' Cricket Match

SATURDAY : LD,UD,SD Parents Teachers Meeting, Cricket Match NP vs MH
SUNDAY : Cricket Cup-Tie PD,LD,UD,SD
MONDAY : Inter-house Basketball Matches (3.30 pm)
10 SATURDAY : NP vs MH Cricket Match, PTI Meeting at SP
11 SUNDAY : Cricket Cup-Tie PD,LD,UD,SD
17 SATURDAY : Fr. Kinley 8 & Below Basketball Tournament
24 SATURDAY : NP vs SP Cricket Match
30 FRIDAY : Good Friday
31 SATURDAY : Month End Outing / Picnic for Boarders

SATURDAY : Inter-Class Singing Competition LD,UD
SUNDAY : Cricket Cup-Tie PD,LD,UD,SD, NP vs SP Teachers' Cricket Match at SP
MONDAY : Inter-House Volleyball Matches (3.30 pm)
13 FRIDAY : Inter-School Basketball Carnival at SAS
14 SATURDAY : LD Spell Bee, Inter-School Basketball Carnival at SAS
15 SUNDAY : Class XI Boarders Arrive
16 MONDAY : Class XI Begins
21 SATURDAY : NP vs SP Cricket match, PD Choral Recitation
28 SATURDAY : Month-end Outing, ISC Fest-Dance at MHS
30 MONDAY : Edinburgh Cricket Tournament at SP

WEDNESDAY : Edinburgh Cricket Tournament at SP
SATURDAY : LD Quiz, Edinburgh Cricket Tournament at SP
SUNDAY : Football Season Begings
12 SATURDAY : 8 & Below Inter-School Volleyball Tournament at NP, Tennis NP vs SP, ISC Fest- One Act Play at NP
18 FRIDAY : Staff vs Students' Football Match at 3.30 pm
19 SATURDAY : Inter-School Volleyball Carnival at SP
20 SUNDAY : Football Cup-Tie Matches PD,LD,UD,SD
25 FRIDAY : PD Concert
26 SATURDAY : Month End Outing
27 SUNDAY : Football Cup-Tie Matches PD,LD,UD,SD
29 TUESDAY : Football Selection 3pm
30 WEDNESDAY : Football Selection
31 THURSDAY : Football Selection

FRIDAY : Football Selection at 3 pm
SUNDAY : Football Cup-Tie Match PD,LD,UD,SD
16 SATURDAY : First Semester Exams Begin
18 MONDAY : Exam
19 TUESDAY : Exam
21 THURSDAY : Exam
22 FRIDAY : Exam till 11 am Summer Vacation Begins

SUNDAY : Boarders Return
MONDAY : Classes Resume
SATURDAY : Results-PTM, NP vs MH Football Match, ISC Fest-Debate at SP
MONDAY : Inter-house Football Matches
11 WEDNESDAY : NP vs SP Football Match
14 SATURDAY : PD Elocution, Joraj Memorial Football Tournament, Inter-School Chess Tournament at LC
21 SATURDAY : Inter-school Table Tennis Carnival at NP
25 WEDNESDAY : NP vs SP Football Match
28 SATURDAY : Month-end Outing, DNPSA Quiz
30 MONDAY : NP vs MH Football Match at 3 pm
31 TUESDAY : Musical Play- Inigo

WEDNESDAY : Vernacular Elocution-Hindi at NP, Nepali at SP, Bengali at MH
SATURDAY : North Point Musical Concert
WEDNESDAY : Lawn Tennis at SP
11 SATURDAY : LD,UD Elocution Inter-school Badminton Carnival at SAS
15 WEDNESDAY : Independence Day, Fun Activities
17 FRIDAY : Inter-School Football Carnival at NP
18 SATURDAY : PD Quiz Inter-School Football Carnival at NP
19 SUNDAY : Athletics Season Begins
24 FRIDAY : NM Master's Shield at LC
25 SATURDAY : Swimming Gala Inter-Jesuit 8 & Below Football Tournament at St. Vincent's School Hatighisa
28 TUESDAY : Practice of Heats Begin
29 WEDNESDAY : Lawn Tennis at SP

SATURDAY : Month-End Outing NP vs SP Teachers' Football at NP, Inter-School Swimming at MH
WEDNESDAY : Teachers' Day
SATURDAY : Inter-School Primary Division Bill German Quiz
29 SATURDAY : ISC Fest - Singing at LC

TUESDAY : Gandhi Jayanthi
MONDAY : Height and weight in Kurseong
TUESDAY : Height and weight in Kalimpong
10 WEDNESDAY : Height and weight in Darjeeling
11 THURSDAY : Alumni Get-together for 1993 & 1968 Batches
12 FRIDAY : Sports Day School Concert Dinner for Parents/Alumni
13 SATURDAY : Rector's Day at 8.30 am, Puja Vacation begins at 11 am
17 WEDNESDAY : Durga Puja / Saptami
19 FRIDAY : Desserha/ Vijayadashami
23 TUESDAY : Boarders Return
24 WEDNESDAY : Classes Resume
31 WEDNESDAY : PTI Meeting at SAS

SATURDAY : Inter-School Athletics at GMS
MONDAY : Meeting of Heads of Anglo-Indian Schools at DGH
THURSDAY : Holiday, Excursion to Alipruduar for Boarders
FRIDAY : Bhai Tikka, Excursion to Alipurduar
10 SATURDAY : Excursion to Alipurduar
14 WEDNESDAY : Children's Day, Fancy Fete

SATURDAY : Exam till 11 am Winter Vacation Begins
15 SATURDAY : Results PTM
19 WEDNESDAY : School Office Closes
25 TUESDAY : Christmas