When you graduate from North Point, you become part of a global network of creative, innovative and generous people.

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"Successful and unsuccessful people do not vary greatly in their abilities. They vary in their desires to reach their potential." - John Maxwell


Dear North Point graduates,
You have reached a point in life where all the sum total of your experiences will guide you for the onward journey.
As you leave the Twin Towers, you take with you more than mere marks. You have a wealth of memories and love from the North Point family.
The teachers and the support staff have tried their very best to inculcate in you a sense of confidence and compassion.
The world as we know is changing, your role in it will be defined by how much you can help to make lives better - for your family, friends, society and the world at large.
North Point has always maintained a very cosmopolitan outlook and our students from different countries and communities live under the code of one brotherhood.
The lessons that you have learned, inside and outside the classroom, will stand you in good stead as new challenges appear before you.
No matter what stream, college or profession you choose, you will be an integral part of your new system. Be it sports, drama, music or social work, you have to stand up be counted upon.
Our Alumni network is very vibrant, wherever you go you will be our ambassador to the world - carrying the values of North Point in your heart and in your actions.
Do not look back in regret at things you could not do or achieve, rather look ahead and accept the challenges, develop new skills. The world today needs young people to be good with communication skills, teamwork and community builders. A kind heart will solve more problems than money or power.
If you do come back to school, come with happiness and good tidings. Our blessings to all of you. On behalf of your mentors and guides, we thank you and your parents for trusting North Point to shape your conscience and outlook.
"Education isn't just about School, classes and grades It is about knowledge That with time, doesn't fade The true essence of studying Lies in being passionate It's about a zealous urge to be In charge of one's own fate. "
Sursum Corda.

Mr. Sajid Ahmed
Asst. Teacher North Point

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