SJS - The House System

The House System was introduced in 1936. Four Houses Ashley, Garnet, Campion and Southwell had been established with a Boy Prefect each. There are no records of those after 1938. In 1952 the present system was introduced. The Houses were named after four deceased Jesuits who had served many years at North Point.

Depelchin House:House colour - Red

Depelchin House was named after the founder of St. Joseph's College and builder of North Point, Fr. Henri Depelchin S.J. (1822-1900)

Fallon House : House colour - Blue

Fallon House was named after Fr. Joseph Fallon, a former Prefect and Rector (1913-1919). Fr. Fallon later became Superior of the Bengal Mission. He later returned to North Point and died here in 1952

Laenen House : House colour - Yellow

Laenen House was named after Fr. Denis Laenen who taught from 1901 until his death in 1946

O'Neil House : House colour - Green

O'Neil House was named after Fr. Edward O'Neil who had been a teacher and then the Prefect. Later he was appointed Rector of St. Xavier's College, Calcutta