Subject : St. Joseph's School, North Point Darjeeling

Dear Parents,

                      As the academic year is coming to an end, I'd like to, first of all, thank God for being and journeying with us, taking care of all our students and staff members. I am also grateful to you, dear parents for trusting us with your children and for supporting us in educating your children. We have tried our best to educate them in every area of life - intellectual, physical, emotional, spiritual, and social. This 130 year tradition of St. Joseph's School is kept up only because of the selfless dedication of our teaching and non teaching staff members of our school. Thank you, staff members for your devotion and dedication. 

                      We have chosen "Good Health and Hygiene" as the Theme of the Year 2019. What does it mean, practically, for us? St. Joseph's School will not have any thing that will negatively affect our intellectual, physical, emotional, spiritual, and social health of our students. Any type of soda drinks like Coco Cola, Pepsi, Spirit, etc. are not allowed in the Campus; junk food like Kurkure will not be permitted; abusive words, physical punishment, smoking or drugs of any type are against the Theme of the Year of the School and they are not allowed. Principal has the final say what is allowed and what is not allowed in the school. Varieties of fruit juice will be available in the canteens and we will make sure healthy food is served in the hostel and canteens. During the staff seminar in the middle of February we will come up with more ways and means of practicing healthy life in the school. We do expect the parents to cooperate with us in this matter.

                       A sincere request for the boarder parents.  The month-end outings are only for the PD and LD boys, NOT for UD or SD boys. Parents are allowed to visit their sons ONLY on the last Saturday of the month. When a student returns late after the long holidays, for some or other reason, he has to be accompanied by one of the parents. If your son fails to call you one weekend, please do not get panicky. There can be various reasons why your son has not called you. If this happens again, please send an SMS to the Prefect and he will make sure that your son gives you a call.

                     Class IX students have to choose one of the following subjects as the 6th subject: Economic Application, Computer Application, Physical Education, Art, or Music (only those who have completed Grade IV in any musical instrument). Once chosen, it cannot be changed. So please talk to your son before he chooses the subject.

                     The new academic calendar is already uploaded in our website. Hard copy will be available when the school office reopens on February 4, 2019. Here are some important dates in February:        

04 - School office reopens / Class X & XII boarders come for the exams. [2019 Batch]

19 - Sub-prefects return

22 & 23 - Staff seminar

24 - Class IV - XII Boarders return

25 - New boarders of all classes return

26 - New academic year begins

Our official mode of communication is SMS, Email and / or Website. We do not use WhatsApp to communicate with the parents. On the first day of the school your son will be given a fm to fill. If you have changed your phone number, please let your son knowso that he will be able to give us your correct number(s).

On behalf of all the staff members of St. Joseph's School, I would like to wish you


Fr. Lawrence Maniyar SJ