Subject : St. Joseph's School, North Point, Darjeeling will remain closed from 16th March 2020 to 31st March 2020
Dear Parents,

As per the Press Release issued by the Hon'ble Chief Minister, West Bengal vide No 85-SSE/20 dated 14/03/2020, and the notification of the Principal Secretary to the Government of West Bengal vide No.86-SSE/20 dated 14/03/2020, and the GTA Order No. 08/1-2/EDN/GTA/2019-20 dated 14th March 2020, St. Joseph's School, North Point, Darjeeling will remain closed from 16th March 2020 to 31st March 2020.
The parents of the boarders are free to take their children home from Monday, 16th March 2020. Since it is uncertain that the current situation would improve by 31st March, you will be updated on this matter when the time comes.

Boarders who are unable to go home may remain here in the School. Parents of such students, must send their consent to the Principal to the following email ids immediately - /

Boarder parents may take their wards latest by 17th March. Parents who take their wards home, please make sure that when your wards return to school, you shall also submit to the school authorities a fitness certificate from a registered medical practitioner. Also be informed that on return to the school, if your wards show symptoms of Corona virus infection, your ward(s) will be quarantined and other necessary actions will be taken. Please take full responsibility for your ward when they are at home.

The School will take every measure possible and available at its disposal, to keep the boarders safe. But in the most unlikely event of any boarder who stays back in the boarding, showing any symptom of infection, his parents will be informed and such parents shall come to the school and cooperate with the school authorities for further measures to be taken. Hope you understand the situation. Students coming from Thailand and Bangladesh may find it difficult to return because of the travel restrictions to their places.

The Day-Scholar students will not come to school from Monday 16th March to 31st March, unless notified.

However, all the students who are writing their ICSE and ISC exams will continue their exams till the end. Those teachers who are involved in the invigilation and correction of examination papers, will continue to assist.

Fr Leo Alphonse Raj (SJ)
Date: 15/03/2020