Subject : I hope you are remaining safe and well in these difficult and strange times
Dear Parents/Guardians,

Greetings from NP!
I hope you are remaining safe and well in these difficult and strange times. Remember stay safe and well must be our first priority. 
We are fully aware that this is a difficult time for us all. You are worried about your families and you are worried about your children and their education. Many of you are worried about the exams of ICSE and ISC as well. Some of you might be worried about your sons' admission to Class XI as well. You have to manage all of this and this is not EASY! Yet, you all are putting up a brave face so far! Kudos to all of you. We have to say a big thank you for your engagement over these last few weeks and are getting ready for the further-lockdown situation. We know you are working hard to try to keep going as best you can and remember all.
The efforts have been commendable by parents and students over the week, with their assignments, project works, despite limitations with poor network in many places. The School is trying every possible way to reach the students through WhatsApp, YouTube, Extramarks App, Meritnation and online classes. Due to poor network some students are not able to complete their works. This is due to thousands of schools using online teaching these days. Also we cannot burden the students with so many apps when many are not able to get proper networks. We hope situation becomes better and have our children back at NP. Please dear parents, bear with us since we cannot do much with the poor networks. But, we will try every way possible to reach the students. I am sure TOGETHER WE CAN OVERCOME!
With the present situation is not looking so bright the School Calendar 2020 will have changes. We will update you all once we see the brighter side of the tunnel. My sincere prayers and wish to each one of you is that we take care of ourselves well and overcome this with grace and joy. May the HOPE lead us till the end.
St. Joseph's School, North Point rose to the occasion, true to its motto - Sursum Corda - to extend "a hand to a faltering brother" to lift "the lame and the slow". The School in collaboration with St. Joseph's College, North Point served the suffering people of about 500 families in its neighbourhood tea gardens of Soam, Lepcha Busty and Singla with dry food items, soaps, hand sanitizers and awareness literature to protect themselves from the Covid-19 infection.
Thank you again for your continuous support. For now, we hope you and all in your care remain safe and well, and we wish you a Happy Easter!

Date: 09/04/2020