History of St Joseph's College(School Department)
The Old School on the Hill


December - Jesuits arrive in Darjeeling to take over a Catholic School established in 1877 and renamed as St Joseph's Seminary in 1879 by Capuchin Fathers.


January - Fr Henry Depelchin arrived in Darjeeling

13 February 1888- Official opening of St Joseph's College at Sunnybank (above the present Bishop's House, Darjeeling)
14 February 1888 - Classes Begin with 25 students (18 boarders and 7 Day- scholars)
10 July 1888 - The North Point property was bought from the Government of India. Building work was entrusted to Brother Eugene Rotsaert who with the help of 2000 men leveled the ground by the end of December 1888.

15 August 1888 - Affiliation of Boys' Sodality to the Prima Primaria in Rome 16 November 1888 - First Rector's Day 13 December 1888 - The End of the First Academic Year December 1888 - Ladbrooke Farm (the present UD Flat) was acquired from the Maharaja of Burdwan on a long lease.


22 February - Beginning of the second academic year at Sunnybank Cadet Corps came into being in the College 2 May 1889 - The Foundations for the College building marked out 3 May 1889 - First cricket match. The opponents were an Army team. St Joseph's College won. 10 May 1889 - Building work started. Stones were quarried from Ladbrooke Farm. 27 April 1890 - Blessing of the foundation stone by His Grace,Archbishop Goethals.


8 December - Blessing of the New College building by Fr Depelchin


Fr Neut was appointed Rector
Establishment of a section for University Students known as the 'Special Department'. This section prepared young men for the different government Examinations such as the Superior Branch Accounts, Police, Finance, Opium, Forest etc. as well for the London Matriculation Examination, and for Entrance into the Thomson C.E. College, Roorkee, and Cooper's Hill. 18 February 1892 - Classes began in the New Building at North Point. February - Visit of Lord Lansdowne, Viceroy of India


June - Creation of the Front Flat 3 April - First Cricket Match with St Paul's School which North Point Won. The First Coat of Arms with its motto 'SURSUM CORDA' appeared in the School's Calendar


Midnight of 21 February - Major Earthquake. No damage to the College


Fr John Schaefer was appointed Rector

The Special Department (University section) moved to the West Wing of the building. There were 20 small but comfortable cubicles.
14 October - Fr Constant De Clippeleirwas appointed Rector North Point Football XI reached the final of the First Open Football Tournament in Darjeeling only to be beaten the Army team by one goal. NP won the Six-a-Side Football Tournament. In Cricket NP was invincible.
First North Point Annual printed The completion of the UD Flat, the best ground in Darjeeling Slight modifications of the Coat of Arms introduced.
The College was affiliated to the Calcutta University (ref. 1895 Annual). School Fees - | 10 for Day-scholars and | 40 for Boarders per month. There were 176 students (160 boarders and 16 Day-scholars), including 30 in the special department


The first photo St Joseph's College recorded in 1896 North Point Annual.

A Cricket Pavilion was built. The benefactor was Captain Lord. The College bought a new piece of land from Kaloo Sigh and a Cemetery was prepared in that piece of land Fr HippolyteWaielkens was appointed Rector Leonard Snee, 14 years old was the first boy to die at North Point. He was buried in the newly constructed cemetery.


A massive Earthquake. The building oscillated more than a foot and a half from the vertical. North Point Anthem was first sung on 19 March on the feast of St Joseph. The words were written by Fr Vincent Naish SJ and music was given by Fr Peter Hipp SJ A musical orchestra was performed under the able baton of Mr G.A Miller


Landslides caused inconvenience


Year of great disaster. Heavy and unprecedented downpour on 24 and 25 September. It rained for 48 hours. Massive landslips. Many village settlements were swept away on the LebongCart road. The students and staff of the college did rescue work. An outdoor infirmary was built
Student number was 191 (173 boarders and 18 day-scholars)


6 June - The college band figured largely in the public victory processions on the surrender of Pretoria to the British. Establishment of Depelchin Gold Medal awarded to the best all-rounder in the College
Three tennis courts constructed


Introduction of inter-divisional challenge trophies. Illumination of the quadrangle on the evening of Rector's Day.


A modern Cricket Pavilion was built
April - Fr J. Meunierwas appointed Rector
Dr. Brice Meuleman SJ


Construction of a new kitchen and bakery
200 boys on the rolls out of which there were 25 Day-scholars.


Visit of Sir Andrew Fraser, Lt. Governor of Bengal, who subsidized building of a new Auditorium and laboratories.He bestowed a gift of Rs 21,000. Total number of students 213 (206 Boarders and 7 Day-scholars)


The new Auditorium in memory of Sir Andrew Fraser was inaugurated.
216 Boarders and 6 Day-scholars


Lower Division playground was constructed


28 November - Fr F. X. Crohan was appointed Rector. Erection of a full Gymnasium. Junior and Senior Cambridge Certificate Examinations introduced.


Visit of Sir E. N. Baker, Lt Governor of Bengal


October -Completion of the northern wing of the school.
182 Boarders and 12 Day-scholars


220 Students


Disease and death stalked the College 200 Boarders and 2 Day-scholars


Fr Joseph Fallon was appointed Rector.
Silver Jubilee year. 1 October - Sports Day, 2 October - Solemn High Mass, garden party in the night, many ex-students were present.
193 Boarders and 12 Day-scholars

1914 World War I. The price of commodities was exorbitantly increased. Many North Pointers enlisted in the armed forces and 29 lost their lives.
A new Science Hall was constructed
208 Boarders and 18 Day-scholars

1915 238 Students out of which there were 13 Day-scholars


252 Students including 16 Day-scholars


First Herlihy Cup Football. The cup was presented by MrsHerlihyin memory of her son. 255 Boarders and 17 Day-scholars

270 Students (245 Boarders and 25 Day-scholars)


13 May - FrJoseph De Gheldere was named Rector. War memorial tablets kept at the Sanctuary.
255 Boarders and 15 Day-scholars



A marble altar placed in the Chapel in memory of the fallen comrades.
A High Jump record by F. Needham 5ft 10 inches


Extension of UD Flat


Last installment of the debt of the College paid off. Old North Pointers as Jesuits
265 Boarders and 17 Day-scholars


Visit of the King and Queen of Belgium.
Fr Nicholas Krier became
the new Rector.


The stately Twin Towers of North Point and the balustrade along the main road between the gates were built I.A. and I. SC under Calcutta University introduced. A priest from North Point. 269 Students (254 Boarders and 15 Day-scholars). There was a move to restrict the number to 250. It wasn't possible because of the growing number of applicants


251 Students including 16 Day-scholars
Fr. Nicholas Krier SJ


Fr J. De Gheldere was appointed Rector. The dispensary (We still use the old furniture), the NP Parlor, PD Linen Room, The Special Department was renamed as the University Department.

An Old North Pointer as a Priest

254 Students including 14 Day-scholars


Changes made to North Point Crest. It was designed by the firm of Bulen in Brussels, Belgium. The Special Department rooms (the present senior corridor), Scene of Monthly outing

Bathing Room (the hot water tank is still being used)
283 students including 13 Day-scholars


Pliva Cup for Hockeyestablished . The trophy was donated by Pliva Restaurant (today's Glenary's). Hockey was the most popular game at North Point. 279 students including 19 Day-scholars


Disastrous Earthquake. The West Wing was shaken and immediately demolished, several places stones crashed down from the walls, the outdoor infirmary collapsed and the ornamental turrets of Fraser Hall hurled down the slope to the Tukvar Road. The School reopening delayed and holidays extended for three weeks. It took a year to complete the repairs. Sir John Anderson, Governor of Bengal generously helped in reconstruction.


Fr Alphonse Schockaert was appointed Rector.


Fr Edward Hayden Hayden joined the staff. He served the Institution many years. House system was introduced. Each House had a boy prefect. The Houses were named after English Jesuits of the 15th and 16th centuries - Ashley, Garnet, Campion and Southwell.


Fr Jules Moreau joined North Point and served for many years.


Golden Jubilee Year. Interior of Frazer Hall. UD Flat. Fr Alphonse Schockaert was appointed as the Rector. Student Population - 290.


Great results in both University and School. September - beginning of Second World War. Many North Pointers enlisted. 34 died in the War. There were students from 11 nationalities.Student population - 328 Hammond Electric Organ installed in the Choir loft in June, which became a great attraction. It is preserved in our Archives
An Old North Pointer as a priest


Fr Charles Vrithoff was appointed Rector. Great stress was laid on Social awareness among students and staff. Visits to Kurseong and Gayaganga and village schools were organized. Students - 354 including 45 in the University Department.



Value Education was begun to be taught at North Point 364 Students (326 Boarders and 89 Day-scholars) in School Department 59 Students in College Department


Bengal Famine. Boys collected money for famine relief.


A Broad Jump record was made - 20ft.10 inches


Fr Henri Barre' was appointed Rector Social awareness club started. Death of Mr Edward Fitzgerald who served the Institution from 1892, 53. years of selfless service most of it in the Primary Division.


North Point, the first school team ever to win the Herlihy Cup. Death of Fr Laenen who joined the school in 1901. Mr Vazand Mr M. Banerjee joined the staff. They served North Point for many years. Besides English and Latin, French, Hindi, Bengali, Nepali, Burmese, Tibetan added as an extra subject Students - 391 including 58 in the University Department.


15 August - Independence Day celebrations. The tricolor was hoisted over the College at 8 a.m. with great ceremony and the front of the College was decorated to celebrate the occasion. The boys were granted a week's holiday. "We welcome freedom for India. We hope and pray that it will contribute to the well-being, peace, contentment and happiness of the 400 million people of this ancient and vast country." Rector's Report 1947. North Point won all major sporting events - The Edinburgh, Pliva Shield and the Herlihy Cup. With the Independence of India, most schools of the hills lost students overnight. North Point had no such problem. The last of the cadets
329 (283 Boarders and 46 Day-scholars) Students in School Department 93 University Students.


Fr Vince Morgan, then a Jesuit Scholastic was the first Canadian to join North Point. He taught in class 6. On 29th December Fr Maurice Stanford who was later known as 'Mr North Point' joined the Institution. Visit of the Governor General designate Shri Rajagopalachari. The first "Social" and dance at North Point. Miss A. Bowen, the first Lady Teacher to join North Point. According to the 1948 Annual, some had a hard time deciding how to address their new teacher being the first in the all-male bastion. Most called her Auntie, a few had recourse to Madam but a handful of diehards kept insisting on Sir. It took some time for Miss to come into fashion. The First women students were admitted into the University Department. A separate wing, administration, timetable and calendar started for the University Department. Darjeeling Inter-School Boxing competition was held at Gymkhana Club - North Point won all the events except one which ended in a draw 315 (262 boarders and 53 Day-scholars) students in School 91 College students


The University Department was affiliated to Calcutta University. 16 June -Fr Maurice Tant was appointed Rector. A new College building for the University Department was blessed B.A, B.SC Started School Department - 335 (Boarders 280 and 55 Day-scholars) There were 179 students in the University Department of those 40 were working students attending evening classes.


Fr Maurice Stanford was appointed Rector.

Darjeeling experienced the heaviest rainfall (17.33 inches) ever recorded in a single day. The heavy rain started on June 10th and it kept pouring for three days. When it was over, landslides blocked all the roads. There were hundreds of other landslips all over the district. Many houses were crushed some with their inhabitants still in them. Hundreds of homeless people were lodged and fed in Fraser Hall. Since roads were blocked and rail lines disrupted food was scarce. There was a massive landslide behind UD pavilion. Between Darjeeling Bazaar and North Point the Hill Cart Road was blocked in many places. Two school magazines started - Miles Christi and Among Ourselves School enrolment - 360 including 42 Day-scholars.


School Department 314 (254 Boarders and 60 Day-scholars)


Uniforms introduced for the first time. Dark grey tweeds for class, greys and blazer on holidays and navy blue serge on special occasions. With a few minor changes (the blue serge disappeared in the seventies) these uniforms have remained the same ever since. Prior to 1952 students were allowed to wear suits of various cuts and colors.
The House systems were reintroduced after it lapsed in 1938. The new Houses were named after four deceased Jesuits who had served many years at North Point - O'Neil, Fallon, Laenen, Depelchin. They exist even today. A boy is assigned to a House when he joins the school until he leaves.

Bro Udovc won 18 prizes in Darjeeling Flower Show. His flower garden was a must visit in Darjeeling along with Tiger Hill. The silver cups he won still adorn the school parlor even today.
Introduction of Honours Degree courses in English, Economic and Chemistry. Visit of Vice-Admiral Pizey, the Commander-in-Chief of Indian Navy School Department had 340 (270 Boarders and 70 Day-scholars) There were 200 students in the University Department in 1952.


Santosh Villa with three acres of land was acquired from Raja Ray Chawdhury of Santosh for the use of the University Department. The villa was used as a hostel for the students of the University Dept.
Tenzing Norgay, the first man ever to set foot on top of Everest andDr Charles Evans the team leader of first Everest Ascent visited the School

Old North Pointers, now priests visit the School. School department had 276 and the college 230


Work began for a new hostel below the Santosh Villa. There were students from 28 nationalities in the College, including staff - Iran, Iraq, Israel, Austria, Germany, Pakistan, Tibet, Armenia, China, Tanzania, Italy, USA, Poland, Burma, Czechoslovakia, India, England, Thailand, France, Nepal, Bhutan, and the staff from Eire, Belgium, Canada, Luxemburg, Denmark, and Yugoslavia. They all spoke the same language.
Visitors: German and American Ambassadors

Prince Peter and Denmark and Greece (Boys had lined up outside the twin towers as the Prime Minister PanditJavaharlal Nehrudrove past. As soon as the jeep rounded the bend Prince Gyanendraof Nepal stopped it by planting himself in the middle of the road and then stretched up his hand toward the Prime Minister who received a bouquet of roses with a smile. PanditNehru expressed the desire to visit the School and address the boys. However due to a change of plan it didn't take place.)

First annual Elocution contest was held The statue of Our Lady placed in the Quadrangle (It is still there) Cambridge Higher School Certificate in science introduced. The Boys' Choice: Favourite Subject - 1. Mathematics 2. Science 3. History Favourite outdoor games - 1. Football 2. Cricket 3. Hockey Favourite indoor games - 1. Table Tennis 2. Billiards 3. Caroms. School Department - 347 (277 Boarders 70 Day-scholars) College Department - 270


Visit of Canadian High Commissioner

Fr Emile Gales was appointed Rector
School - 270 Boarders and 60 Day-scholars, College - 248


Xavier Hostel with 120 rooms inaugurated. Queen Mother of Nepal visits the school.


Snowfall in 1957, Ordination of old North Pointers
Visit of Miss Padmaja Naiduthe Governor of West Bengal 368 (297 Boarders and 70 Day-scholars)in the School Department. 300 students in the University Dept.


A Javelin record on the sports day by Rodgers Sheppard - 175 ft. 6 in.


Visit of King Mahendra and Queen Lakshmi of Nepal

Visit of the mother of Dalai Lama
Visit of Fr Jerome D'Souza SJ (member of the Constituent Assembly that drafted India's Constitution and four times India's representative at the UN)


Work began for a new University Department building above Xavier Hostel. Fr J Carsi SJ of Bombay province was the architect. Builders were Bro Francis Drobnic who built Xavier Hostel and Bro Paul Robin.

Cambridge Higher School Certificate synonymous with London's General Certificate in Education introduced for those who wanted to Pursue studies after they finished Senior Cambridge. In the Senior Cambridge Exams Sanjoy Banerjee and Yapshi Lawang secured 1st and 13th ranks respectively in all India Exam out of 2600 students.
Mr Manuel Coutinho joined North Point Staff. He has been with us for the past 57 years.


Fr Van Walleghem was appointed Headmaster thus separating the office of the Rector and Headmaster. School Department - Boarders 333 and Day-scholars 80 College Department - 376


Fear of war with China. The school did not close or evacuate the students. Visit of Mr John Kenneth Galbraith, the American Ambassador.


Old NP boys, now priests

Change introduced in the School Quadrangle

The College department was separated from the School department. In August the Arts department moved into the new College building. The other departments followed.

Two Sisters of St Anne's Congregation joined the school staff to look after the Primary Department and the infirmary. A junior Air Wing of the NCC was introduced in the school Fear of war again this time with Pakistan. Contingency plans for evacuation were made. The GLS (God's Leaders Squad) introduced by Fr Van Modifications made to North Point Crest


North Point Alumni Association (NPAA) started with the initiative of Fr Edgar Burns. Ted Williams of Purnea was its first President. The meeting point of the Alumni was the present Hayden Hall. North Point produced Hamlet to mark the 5th centenary of Shakespeare's birth


Fr James McCabe was appointed acting Rector Visit of the Crown Prince of Nepal


Fr Gerald Leclaire was appointed Rector


Raj Kapoor at North Point


Heavy rainfall from 1stOctober until the early morning of the 4th. It followed colossal devastation. Villages were swept away. Pulbazar disappeared taking its bridge with it. The Teesta bridge was washed away. The village along with 10 military vehicles disappeared. Some of the lorries were later found in East Pakistan. used as a home for around 500 affected people. Hill Cart road leading to Siliguri was out of commission for many months and the Railways for a year.


Indian School Certificate Examination (equivalent to ICSE of today) introduced. Total number of students 471 (327 boarders and 144 Day-scholars)


HMI courses started. 'Scouts' was introduced by Fr William German


Judo was introduced. Our Judo team went to participate in National Judo competition in Calcutta. Fr Hank Nunn was appointed Headmaster in place of Fr Van.
North Pointers volunteer to work in the Bangladesh Refugee Camps



Fr Gerard Van Walleghem was appointed Rector Swimming Club began by Fr German


Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE)introduced. The examination was held by the end of the year.


Fr Van becomes both the Rector and Headmaster thus ending an experiment. The Archbishop of Calcutta, Lawrence Trevor Picachy(NP '33) was raised to the Cardinalate (Prince of the Church) by Pope Paul VI


Total students in the school - 639 (338 boarders and 301 Day-scholars). Hockey is replaced by Football in the School. Teams from Calcutta participated in tournaments and made it very popular and school ground was difficult to manage. The Cardinal Picachy Gold Medal was established for those who excelled in social work. Work began for a new gymnasium and swimming pool complex Total number of students stood at 639 (338 Boarders and 301 Day-scholars).


New gymnasium and swimming pool called Lievens' building officially opened.


Fr Antony Sharma was appointed Rector. He was the first Indian to hold the post.


The following boys guided by Mr Nima Tashi, Mr Tashi Pencho, Mr L.Ryan climbed Khangla peak (18,600 ft). 1. Chumbay Gyatso 16 years old 2. Animesh Rai 16 years old 3. Karen Bhagat 17 years old 4. Kinley Wangchuk 17 years old 5. Yanka Dawa 16years old 6. Vivek Rana 17years old 7. Rajesh Chimiray 16 years old The first three are Indians, the next two are Bhutanese and the last two are Nepalese. It is the first height ever conquered by a group of high school students and that in record time. Total number of students 652 (327 Boarders and 325 Day-scholars)


Sisters withdrew from the school.


Fr Leo Forestell was appointed Rector


Farewell to Mr Maurice Banerjee


Farewell to Mr Jack Vaz


The Centenary Year.

28 October - Professor Nurul Hasan,Governor of West Bengal inaugurated the centenary celebrations.
The Agitation for a separate State of Gorkhaland was at its peak. There was a general strike for 40 days. Students had to come to the school to write their ICSE exams escorted by the Army


Fr Peter Pappu was appointed Rector


Visit of Fr Peter Hans Kolvenbach, the Superior General of Jesuits


ISC section was started. Fr Maurice Stanford passed away. The number of students were667( 306 boarders and 361 Day-Scholars) Day-scholars outnumber Boarders.


Stanford Gold Medal was established to be awarded every year for the best all-rounder in ISC Section Changes were introduced to North Point Crest Ordination of Fr Kinley Tshering (North Pointer 1968-1975)


Total number of students - 782


Fr John Wilfred Lobo was appointed the Headmaster. Fr Leclaire was appointed Rector a second time. A few months after he took over the office he had a stroke on his visit to Canada and he could not come back to India. Total number of students - 788


Total number of students - 805


Total number of students - 808


Fr Van Walleghem was appointed Rector a second time Total number of students - 843


Total number of Students - 866


Fr Kinley Tshering credited with the title, the Founder of the Modern North Point was appointed Principal of the School Rohit Singh secured second rank in India in the ICSE 2003 Exams Total number of Students - 975 (294 Boarders and 681 Day-scholars)


Winter Camp for the underprivileged children of the neighborhood began. There were 600 children. It is held in January every year. Major repairs and renovation undertaken.


A new Primary building was built Changes were made to North Point Crest Total number of students 1022 (365 Boarders and 657 Day-scholars)


Fr Kinley Tshering was appointed both the Rector and Principal, the first North Pointer ever to be appointed. Total number of students 1074 (392 Boarders 692 Day-scholars)


A new block, Our Lady of North Point was built which has the Kitchen, Dining Halls, classrooms and Primary Division Dormitory. An outdoor swimming pool was constructed. Total number of students 1084 (417 Boarders and 667 Day-scholars)


A new UD Pavilion and viewers' Galleries were built. A new PD pavilion was built while extending the ground towards the Road. Total number of Students 1101 (438 Boarders and 663 Day-scholars)


Underground Water Reservoirs were built for rain water harvesting. Total number of students 1118 (444 Boarders and 674 Day-scholars)


Construction for a new Auditorium began. The school hosted a three day International Alumni gathering. Total number of Students 1150 (473 Boarders 677 Day-scholars)


Total number of students 1177 (486 Boarders and 686 Day-scholars)


Fr Santy Matthew was appointed Rector Total number of students 1172 (492 Boarders and 680 Day-scholars)


125th Year Celebrations. 19 March - Rev Thomas D'Souza, the Archbishop of Kolkata inaugurated the Opening ceremonies and blessed the new Auditorium. 12 October - Shri Pranab Mukherjee, the President of India was the Chief Guest and Shri N.K Narayanan, the Governor of West Bengalwas the Guest of Honor.

Classes were suspended for 40 days due to the political turmoil in the hills. Most activities planned for the second semester were cancelled. Bro Eric Ruduum expired after serving North Point for so many years.
Changes were made to North Point Crest designed by Mr Subroto Ghosh of 1979 batch. Total number of students 1176 (486 Boarders and 690 Day-scholars)


Closing ceremony of the 125 year celebrations was presided over by Shri N.K. Narayanan, the Governor of West Bengal.
May - Fr Shajumon C.K. was appointed Rector. Total number of students 1145 (472 Boarders and 673 Day-scholars)


Construction for a new Primary Building
1 June -Fr Van Walleghem expired
Total number of Students 1179 (486 Boarders and 693 Day-scholars)


North Point lost two students in the beginning of the year - Joraj Tamang of class 9 and Subhan Chettri of class 10 in tragic circumstances.
Mrinal Pradhan gets second rank in West Bengal and 5thin India in the ISC exams. North Point produced a movie The Merchant of Venice.
Fr Hank Nunn expired
Tennis courts were built. UD flat was extended further. There are in the school students from 7 different countries besides India- Nepal, Bhutan, Thailand, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, USA and Canada Total number of Students 1174 (493 Boarders and 681 Day-scholars)


Darjeeling was completely closed from 15th June to 26th September due to the General strike called for the demand of Gorkhaland. The School conducted classes at Hayden Hall for class 10 and 12 Day-Scholars from 1st August to 28th September. The Boarders of classes 10 and 12 had classes at Loyola Pastoral Centre, Matigara from 1st August to 19th and were brought to the School in the night on 20th August. Boarders of classes 7, 8, 9,11 came up to the school in the night in batches from 22nd August. Classes were held for 3-6 boarders in St Xavier's School Alipurduar from 22nd August till 26th September. Allextra-curricular planned for the Second Semester were cancelled. The academic year ends on 22 December.
Total number of students 1220 (520 Boarders and 700 Day-scholars)