Principal Fr. Lawrence Maniyar (SJ)
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Rector's Report 2018

On Rector's Day, the Rector usually gives a talk on the State of the School address, letting the parents and the friends know how the school faired during the academic year. This is my first Rector's Day here and so I would like to share with you what my desires and dreams are for St. Joseph's School. For those who want to know how the school faired in academics and in other activities, the information is available in different articles in the school magazine.

I would like to begin by saying "Thank you" for trusting us, trusting us with your children. We don't betray your trust and we won't disappoint you. Our educational system is 476 years old and it has gloriously passed the test of time and place. Our graduates in different parts of the world are the living proof of who we are and how good our educational system is. And we are happy that you and your children are a part of this system.

Our school motto is "Sursum Corda" - lift up your hearts. What has the motto "Sursum Corda" to do with Jesuit education? The North Point Jesuits has a Mission Statement for the school, an ideal for our life here in St. Joseph's School: "We the Jesuits of St. Joseph's School, North Point, inspired by the Gospel of Jesus and by the spirit of St. Ignatius, with the active support of the teachers and parents, strive to provide the students with an education for a total development of intellectual, spiritual, social, emotional, and physical growth so that they grow up to be and to become men for others."
This vision statement is based on the objective of Jesuit education: "The objective of Jesuit education is to assist in the fullest possible development of all the God given talents of each one of our students." [#25].

It aims at the formation of our students imaginative, affective and creative dimensions of their intellect.It promotes the growth and health of our students' young bodies through various athletic programs. It seeks to train the hearts of our students in sound social awareness. But this formation of mind, heart, and body is not an end in itself. Ultimately we are concerned, primarily concerned, with how our students will use this formation, this living and learning in St. Joseph's School in their communities later on. Our success is measured not just in the academic performance nor just in the professional competence, but in terms of quality of life they have. We want our students to become intelligent responsible persons not for the sake of self-satisfaction or self-fulfillment, but for the humanity around them.

This demands that we become more and more aware of the social evils around us, and that we be willing and generous to increase what is good in our community. The school chorus says: "Here is a hand to faltering brother
Here is a lift to the lame and the slow."
It is my desire, and that of the North Point Jesuit community, that all of you students, teachers, parents and alumni life up your hearts to the world beyond our school, beyond this lovely campus, a world that needs your education, your generosity, your creativity and your leadership.

The Jesuits have 844 schools with 53,421 staff members educating 890,971 students all over the world. Besides this, in 22 central and south American countries we run 1,300 special schools and educational projects taking care of approximately 1,200,000 boys and girls. Moreover, in 19 countries the Jesuits run 63 schools and educational projects serving 167,160 refugee students.If all of us are faithful to Jesuit education we can change the world, and the world needs a change, needs a change urgently. In the days to come I do hope to work with all of you dear teachers, students, parents and alumni and bring a change in our hearts and in our minds, and that would be the base for the change in the world around us. Sursum Corda.

Fr. Lawrence Maniyar SJ